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Mageled Lighting Company Limited is China Exit sign light and Led floor light manufacturers,professional manufacturing office lighting energy conservation, green, intelligent lighting product development and production, based on the lighting concept of scientific management mechanism, and a fully equipped department and innovation, strict quality control system, we will satisfy your diversified, multi-level demand for lighting business. We have a professional and passionate design team to create the perfect combination of technology and art, all the products are designed with the creation of a comfortable, flexible and healthy lighting environment concept. Our product range: LED pendant light, LED Exit Light,LED wall light, LED floor light,We accept custom led lighting.

A shining meteor flying in the dark sky, it symbolizes the "concept" of lighting to illuminate the sky. "Technological innovation, pursuit of excellence, perfect service" is always our aim and objectives. The road to success, we are willing to provide the highest quality products, the most reasonable price, all of our double-sided for you to work together with you to build a better future.




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