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  • Emergency LED Exit Sign 3W
  • Emergency LED Exit Sign 3W
Emergency LED Exit Sign 3WEmergency LED Exit Sign 3W

Emergency LED Exit Sign 3W

  • SAA exit light
  • Product description:

Emergency LED Exit Sign 3W

Power Consumption
Battery Lithium Battery
Input Voltage AC240V/50Hz
Size(mm) 350*73*208
Mountable Recessed Ceiling
Materials Polycarbonate Body,Polycarbonate Diffuser


Comes with both single and double sided decals in Running man"pictograph" and EXIT"Decal;
Long life high temp Lithium Battery;
Ceiling mountable;
Robust design;
Low 2.7W standby power consumption;
Over-charge&Over-discharge protection;
Quick & easy to install & maintain,Comes with large terminal block&cable entry;
Signs Optional,Customized Services Offered;
Large terminal block for easy termination;
SAA/AS2293.3 Comply;
2 years warranty.

No previous NEXT:wall mounted exit sign



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